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Venice Apartments :
"Dimora Veneziana" was born from the common love of three friends for Venice and their dream to offer a hospitality deserving the best traditions of the ancient "Serenissima".

"Dimora Veneziana" does not only propose you a conmfortable stay in high standards apartments, but would even like to offer you the possibility of living a holiday, in the real heart of the city, characterized by the typical rhythms of venitian life, and of discovering and sharing its habits and costumes:from the lively and vivacious shouting of the merchants, to the intriguing "ciacola" (gossip) on the "calli" ( typical narrow venitian streets), and to the silence of the "fondamente" (ways along the canals) lying under the night's magic of a city invented between sky and water.

We at Dimora Veneziana propose ourselves as a company that is capable of offering not only an excellent and comfortable accommodation for its guests, but also and above all secure accommodation. All our apartments are homologated by the competent authorities for tourism and extra hotel facilities with an opportune annual report that obliges full compliance with the application of the declared prices and all the parameters foreseen by our regional law in relation to safety and prevention measures.

"Dimora Veneziana" would like to invite you to a more intimate and realistic Venice, where you could discover , together with the facinating and mistirious language of the veneto-bizantyne "patere" ( marble slabs on the walls of old venitian Palaces, which were used to tell facts or affairs of nobel's life) and with the inexhaustible flourishing of gothics mullion windows, with the polycromatic triumph of Reinaissance marbles, the origin and the sense of a millenary civilization.

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